Role :

iOS Developer (Objective-C)

iTunes Link :

Restaurant Waiter App

Company :

Click Labs

App Description

Obron Restaurant Waiter App is the Future of Dining. Obron Waiter allows ordering food and drinks from your smartphone, iPAD or tablet anywhere within the restaurant with ease and convenience without the need of a waiter. Obron Waiter uses technology not yet employed in the restaurant industry. We are the first and leader! It will work at any restaurant, and knows where you sit so that your food and drinks are delivered without confusion. Obron Waiter lets you decide tip amount and the choice to split the bill. Pay your bill with ease.

  • No need for a Waiter of Waitress!
  • Owaiter knows where your table is.
  • Requires no Tablets or iPad on table.
  • No need to yell at 'Drive Thru' kiosk to take your order!
  • No maintenance or IT costs.
  • No need to wait to get your bill and definitely no need to wait to get your card back.
  • Only one App for all dining experiences.
  • Seamless and very easy to use or navigate.
  • Produces revenues to Restaurant Operators.
  • Multi functions and capabilities.
  • Pay from your smart phone.
  • Email receipt.

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